Yoga, painting, pop-up, personal development, dance, cooking courses, seminars, etc. Every year we offer different activities open to everyone. You can also come with your own group and your own theme. Together we can organize holidays tailored to your needs.

Weekly yoga classes instructed by Kristina t’Felt
12 euros the group class and 50 euros the private lesson

Yoga/ ayurveda mornings instructed by Kristina t’Felt
Then we can eventually share a common meal prepared together (3-4 hours workshop)
25 euros without meals (3h) and 40 euros with meals (4h)

Weekly cooking classes instructed by Philippe Caumil or Nicolas Budahazy
Awakening to nature and cooking for children (3h): 40 euros/child
Preparation of a gastronomic and healthy meal (4h): 65 euros/adult

Painting workshop directed by Claire Degans and Vincent Fondanesche
From the 29 of April at 14h to 3 of May 2020 at 12h (21 hours workshop)
275 euros (material included) and optionally 25 euros for yoga in the morning (3 hours)

From the 5th to the 10th of July – A week of yoga courses instructed by Kristina t’Felt
(for adults and teen-agers five courses for one hour, for children, a course of 45 minutes twice)
40 euros/adult and 15 euros/child

Creative workshop Pop-up directed by Arno
On Friday the 16th of October 2020 (workshop 5 hours)
On Monday the 19th of October 2020 (workshop 5 hours)

For these different workshops we practice family and group rates.


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